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Article: Banish dry skin with these essential winter skin care tips

Banish dry skin with these essential winter skin care tips

Winter skin care

Has winter been unkind to you? Fed up of flaky patches and dry skin? Don’t worry! We are here with the best winter skin care tips for you. 

Some exciting skin remedies coming your way. Keep reading!

Cold air takes away the natural moisture from the skin and leaves it dry and itchy. And this is the reason that skincare is essential.

Your skin can become dehydrated and lose its healthy-looking glow during cold winter months.

But a good winter skin care routine can help you protect your skin. Let us understand as to why winter skin care is essential.

Why is winter skin care essential?

Winter weather conditions can take a toll on your skin. As the temperature drops, the skin’s moisture levels drop too.

Cold temperature can cause the skin to dry out and lose its natural glow.

Lack of sunlight during the winter season strips the skin of essential nutrients like vitamin D, which can cause the skin to appear dull.

Ward off winter skin problems with simple winter skin care tips

Winter months can be harsh to your skin. But we are here with some easy solutions that can help you stave off the skin problems. Keep reading!

  1. Dry nose

Do you also have a constant urge to scratch your nose in the winter? An itchy and dry nose is one of the most irritating winter issues.

To avoid such discomfort, follow the simple remedies given below:

  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink ample amounts of water.
  • It is possible that you might not feel thirsty during winter but drinking enough water is essential to keep skin dryness at bay.
  • Also, try avoiding sugary beverages as it can cause more dryness in the nose.

Pamper yourself with a warm steaming bath.

  • You can use a humidifier that can keep up the moisture level of your room. This helps alleviate skin dryness.
  • Try using a water-based moisturiser on both your nostrils whenever you feel dryness.

Skin chafing and dry skin in winter

  • Now, chafing is a common skin issue that can occur during the winter season. It happens when the skin is subjected to repetitive friction.
  • It leads to damage of the lower dermis layer.
  • Hence, the skin feels irritated and uncomfortable.
  • Given below are some easy winter skin care tips that you can follow.


  • If you have a skin problem, ensure to keep the area clean by taking a shower in warm water. Use some mild soap to clean the area and reduce the risk of bacterial infection.


  • Always pat dry the area after washing and make sure that no water is left on the skin.


  • Always apply moisturiser and massage gently. This helps the moisturiser sink into your skin properly. Also, use a medicated cream or powder to help the skin heal faster.

Red itchy patches

Well, itchy patches can get really painful. The most common symptoms of itchy skin are scales, small skin cracks and redness.

But don’t worry. You can cure and prevent dry, itchy skin with some simple winter skin care tricks.

Add a nourishing moisturiser to your skincare routine. Try to take a shower in lukewarm water.

Apply moisturiser before going to bed. Also, try to use mild moisturising soaps instead of harsh ones.

Stave off cracked heels with winter skin care tips

Winters can also lead to the problem of cracked heels. But with a little bit of care, you can take care of your heels well.

You can wear socks with medicated cream. It will help you keep your heels moisturised.

Try using a loofah or pumice stone to scrub off the dead cells from the cracked heels. Use natural oils or moisturiser before going to bed.

This will let your heels absorb the cream well.

Winter skin care tips

The winter season is often accompanied by special guests like dry skin and itchy patches. But worry not!

We have got your back. Here are some special tips from our side that can keep your skin healthy and happy.


How to get glowing skin in winter?

Follow the tricks given below and get ready to embrace a smooth and shiny skin.

Be friends with a nourishing moisturiser

Cold conditions can strip your skin of its natural moisture. Hence, try moisturising your skin daily at least two times.

It will help you retain moisture in your skin.

Winter skin care with a humidifier

Do you heaters in full blast during winters? Well, they tend to suck out the moisture in the air. It is always advisable to invest in a humidifier.

Have it on at night when your skin does the most replenishing work.

Water can be your saviour

Stay hydrated in winter months and protect your skin from damage.

Water helps you retain the moisture content in your skin.

Healthy skin with healthy food

Try including vitamin A and C in your diet. Food items like mangoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli can help you keep your skin healthy.


Best moisturizer for dry skin in winter

During winter months, the use of hot water can result in the removal of our skin’s protective layer.

Certain essential oils are necessary to prevent water loss in the skin. As the skin barrier breaks, our skin tends to lose its moisture.

But a good moisturiser can help your skin heal.

How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin in winter?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your moisturiser. Have a look at the points given below: moisturiser

  • Try choosing a heavy cream-based moisturiser for your dry skin.
  • It helps alleviate skin irritation. You can get yourself a moisturiser with antioxidants and heavy emollients to help relieve your dry skin.
  • We often look out for the sun during the winter season to warm ourselves. However, the sun can cause severe damage to the skin. But don’t worry.
  • You can select a moisturiser with SPF that can protect your skin from sun damage.
  • You can choose moisturisers with an adequate amount of ceramides. They protect your skin from losing moisture and tend to form a protective layer on the surface of your skin.

Always select a moisturiser that is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants soothe your skin and prevent early skin ageing.

Keep in mind the points mentioned above and choose the best moisturiser for your dry skin.

Let your skin stay radiant even in cold and dry winter months.

No more dry skin in winter! – Simple DIY tips for you

Have you been searching for tips on dry skin care in winter? We have got your back. We are here with some excellent winter skin care tips for you.

Home remedies for dry skin in winter

Don’t let cold winter months take away your skin glow! Here are some best home remedies for glowing skin in winter:

Pamper your skin with milk cream and honey

Milk cream or malai can be the best natural winter cream for dry skin. And honey can clear your skin off the bacteria that are responsible for pimples and acne on your face.

All you need to do is to follow some simple steps:

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