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Article: Know the importance of immunity like never before!

Know the importance of immunity like never before!

 In reality do we even know what immunity is ?

“ If you think the pursuit of good health is expensive and time-consuming, try 'illness'.” - Lee swanson 

From “Kadhas” to “toothpastes” We have received enough information about a gazillion foods, supplements,beverages and other products claiming to boost immunity.

The term immunity means the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodiesor sensitized white blood cells. This technical definition is the root of our health.When an individual experiences any physical, biological or mental stress, the white blood cells of our body are triggered to prevent any further damage.

Antibodies are byproducts made of protein by white blood cells in response to an antigen which is any substance apart from our body that can trigger the immune system.


is a part of a large family of coronaviruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

The immune system is large and intricate which involves a lot of reactions going on simultaneously in our body just to protect ourselves from any antigen.

Despite a super efficient immune system when covid 19 virus was discovered it left scientists and researchers clueless as to why our body’s protective mechanism was not responding.This led to the discovery that natural immunity of our body weakens at a faster rate when triggered by covid than any other antigen. Now that you know the strong association between covid and immunity,

it’s easier for you to focus on boosting immunity.

“Did you get your jab ?” the new “what’s up?” is also the most important question for your health these daysbecause Vaccines are a type of immunity too. Unlike natural immunity, vaccine induced immunity is called an artificial immunity

which we get once we are purposely exposed to an antigen.This purposely exposed episode of infection in turn triggers our white blood cells to produce antibodies which fight against the infection. Moreover,

you know what's the best part about these antibodies ?

They are target oriented. A specific antibody is released for one particular antigenwhen our cells are exposed to them and these specific antibodies release certain substances which help in destructing the antigens.

This is the reason why there are different vaccines for different diseases and it is essential for all individuals to be vaccinated at an early age for all the previously discovered antigens and now for the recent virus, the coronavirus. 

Now let’s understand why boosting immunity is useful especially during this pandemic. By now we know that the immune system

Boosting Immunity

gets tired too and it takes several episodes of infections, stress, et al to weaken the immune response.

Hence, refueling our body cells with supplements, healthy diet, exercise, sleep, pure herbs,etc is an essential part of our life to aim for a better health status. There are several clinical trials and studies that prove that exercise promotes

cardiorespiratory health by increasing the oxygen availability to the cells, reducing the low grade inflammation, destructing free radicals, etc.This is the reason our doctors prescribed us to practice sprints, deep breathing, aerobic exercises, et al even at home during this pandemic as covid 19 is called

a type of Sars-coronavirus because it causes Severe acute respiratory syndrome. Similarly, several herbs got into limelight which were being used as medicinal herbs since ancient times because of their powerful therapeutic properties.

There are several herbs that have legitimately been approved by the ministry of AYUSH like Curcuma longa,Ayush Kadha or Kwath, Ashwagandha, Guduchi Ghanavati, Chyawanaprasha, Rasayana Churna, chyawanprash, etc.

Despite these alternative therapies the importance of healthy eating has never been practiced rigorously before because today we know no matter how much immune you make your body with supplements and exercise, good nutritious food is the primary fuel for our body to thrive.

New Covd Strain

As the new Covid strain spreads across the world, Most virus mutations, according to doctors and scientists, are normally harmless

and have no effect on the virus's function. However, some alterations can affect the virus's function,just as they did with the new coronavirus strain.

The new strain is more contagious than the original, but it does not make you sicker,and your chances of dying from the virus remain the same. The new coronavirus variation contains a genetic mutation in the "spike" protein,

which could explain why it is so contagious. Scientists believe that the new version is to blame for the virus's increased spread.Along with COVID 19 immunity after infection, scientists have discovered that persons who have already been infected with COVID 19

are more likely to develop COVID 19 immunity but this does not mean we can go all chill about not taking the precautionary measures.

Hence, eating a wholesome diet with pulses, green leafy vegetables, vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables,animal protein, etc is the thumb rule to assure you are resilient enough to kick these invaders out!

So, don’t be a good host to these viruses and cater to the cells that are for the betterment of you. 

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