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About us

About Mountainor

Mountainor Well Being PVT LTD. is a leading health & personal care products provider offering 30+ luxury, natural/organic,hand-crafted personal & health care products all made in India.Mountainor develops manufactures and markets its products in india and will expand worldwide in the near future.

All products from the ingredients to the packaging are inspired by nature & Quality.Mountainor uses only natural ingredients in its products,does not test cosmetics on animals and ensures all products are safe for the environment. Mountainor well being | Best Nutrition and skin care Product

Our Values-Best Nutrition and Beauty Product

Caring -We care for our customers and aim to provide nothing but the best quality with exceptional service to our customers.

Product Integrity- Every one of our products is 100% research-based and extensively field tested before it is ever offered for sale to you.

Our products are composed of the highest-quality ingredients and manufactured in accord with the strictest manufacturing practices in the world.

Every ingredient is carefully selected for complete efficacy and provided in amounts that will deliver real benefits and promised results.

Innovation-   Discovering the newest micro and macronutrients and their proper use to optimize your energy,endurance, recovery, and overall health has always been the cornerstone of our business

Service  –  Treat every customer as if they are a customer for life.

Our Mission & Vision

At Mountainor, we believe that when someone commits their money and time to support their health with nutritional supplements,they deserve to have the best products available,offering the best results, to feel the best improvement in their health and wellness.

“To help people attain the highest degree of health by sourcing and supplying innovative, natural,organic and ethical foods,supplements, remedies and lifestyle options,while at the same time respecting and preserving a sustainable environment for future generations.”

“To operate a business in which our vision for healthy body, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet is guided by our Core Values – Product Integrity, Innovation & Service” Best Nutrition and skin care Product.

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