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Article: Best hair care tips for long hair 2024

Best hair care tips for long hair 2024

Hair is the part of our body that most of us are very conscious about, it's perhaps the first thing that stands out when we are in a crowd, apart from our dressing. So it makes sense that we would want to take care of our hair  to the best of our abilities by using only the best hair products. Here are a list of tips and hair care products for you to try out

Dry Your Hair Naturally -

 Most of us have been in a hurry, some time or the other and in general as well, we tend to use hair dryers or hair blowers to help dry up hair quickly. While these do help save time, they end up having long term bad effects on the integrity and strength of your hair. What happens is as warm air hits your damp hair at that intensity, it holds the strands and locks them in place, not allowing them to flow smoothly, which make them end up looking completely lifeless and worse cause breakage. 

They loose the silky, soft, glossy texture  that natural drying of hair with a dry cloth or towel gives you. So the next time, you find yourself in a hurry, slow down and remember that your hair deserves better. 

Use A Wide Gap Comb -

 Know what suits your hair type the best and use an appropriate comb accordingly. One that doesn't cause a lot of hair fall, while still allows you to set your hair the way you want

Oil Your Hair At Least Twice A Week

Just like our body needs water and food to function well, our hair gets its nutritional requirements from the hair oil you use, the roots absorb the oil which in turn strengthens the hair. The best hair oil to use is an onion hair oil, as it is known to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health to avoid breakage, infections, dandruff, etc. Onion hair oil is an essential product that soothes, nourishes your hair and makes it voluminous

Find the Right Chemical-Free, Natural Shampoo

A combination of several natural herbs, essential oils like Argan Oil, Shikakai, Bhringraj Oil among others are known to give hair the right kind of cleansing and conditioning that perfectly removes all dirt and impurities from your scalp while improving their vitality and longevity. Argan Oil is the most common and recognized element used in most shampoo formulas. So we suggest you find one that has Argan Oil in it for sure, it has enriching properties that stimulate the flow of blood in the root of your hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth. 

While buying hair care products online, check whether they are certified and ensure they seem legit enough. There are a lot of hair products online that claim to be safe and clinically proven. Give a good background check and seek reviews, testimonials of actual individuals, before shopping for hair care products online. 

You can check out our range of hair care products which have resoundingly positive feedback from our customers, our best-selling Onion Hair Oil For Intense Scalp Therapy is a must-try. Mountainor's products are made from natural ingredients free from harmful chemicals and toxins, so you can rest assure of the highest quality for your hair. 

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