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Article: Mountainor - Know The Brand Before You Know Their Product

Mountainor - Know The Brand Before You Know Their Product

Tired of the hassle to look for products and supplements that really work ?

The task of searching for the best skin, health and personal care products has become tedious in this era of digitalization because there’s not only a pool of brands but a SEA of brands claiming to be the best. So, how do you decide who’s really the best amongst so many bests ?

The answer to this isn’t a one liner but we can sum it up to one line and that is “KNOW THE BRAND BEFORE YOU KNOW THEIR PRODUCT.”

About Mountainor

At mountainor we follow certain principles to create a brand that needs no selling. When a customer hits the search button with a particular problem, the search engine does not solve your problem, it helps you give a variety of options which might have the solution. 

For instance, if you search for “the best anti-blemish cream”  there are brands who simply claim to be the best but is it even real ?

At mountainor, the products are descriptive with their titles clean and crisp. We provide our customers the transparency that is needed for them to build trust. 

The anti-blemish cream we sell doesn’t claim to be the best but it claims all the benefits that it will provide. Two words “Reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone” this is what it does and it is what we say. 

No gibberish to make it sound like a high-end product that will miraculously change your skin or life. 

Customer awareness 

Today’s customer is aware of what is beneficial and what is harmful for their skin. Providing the customers a complete list of ingredients is what we consider our way of telling “You can trust us". 

Vitamin C serum 

Mountainor’s vitamin C serum unlike other brands does not claim to just have the natural form of vitamin C because it doesn’t. It includes a variety of ingredients mentioned in the ingredients section without any false hope. 

The above image shows all the ingredients we add in our serum. This can help customers know about the product as well as the brand. Mountainor’s vitamin C is enriched with vitamin E, Arbutin and hyaluronic acid. It is a fortified serum that will brighten your skin tone, lighten your dark spots and make your skin feel more luminous within 4 weeks of application. 

Supplement safety 

Apart from the range of applicatory products, Mountainor also aims to take care of your nutritional needs. The supplements made here are non GMO, allergen free and free of heavy metals that inhibit the absorption of many nutrients. 

Mountainor is an indian company, manufacturing all the products in india with utmost hygiene and sanitation taking care of all the GMP rules and regulations along with being registered at FDA and FSSAI. 

Range of supplements 

From basic needs like vitamin C capsules to problem specific supplements like shilajit, we have it all. 


Shilajit is a herbal supplement and at mountainor we source it from the richest source of this substance; the Himalayas. Our shilajit capsules are packed with ingredients that provide strength, stamina and ensure sexual wellness. Ingredients like Extract of Shilajit, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Licorice, and Saffron & Tribulus are all natural herbs with potent functional properties. It is one of our best selling supplements. 

Mountainor’s shilajit capsule does not only claim to be beneficial with things like sexual and reproductive health, strength, stamina, immunity, heart and liver health but it has proved to be one of the best shilajit supplement as per customer feedback.

Your review is our reflection 

Another very important factor to determine whether a brand is trustworthy or not is to refer to their customer reviews. 

We are motivated by the positive reviews our customers have given us. This is what keeps us growing and expanding in all ways possible. 

Lastly, what is different about mountainor ? 

Mounatinor’s rice starch based capsule is the most unique feature. Each capsule is made up of rice starch which increases the bioavailability of all the nutrients inside the capsule. Our rice starch capsules ensure that there is minimum to no flatulence caused due to certain ingredients and also, prevents the malabsorption of fat based vitamins like omega 3. 

Now that you know that MOUNTAINOR can be one of your best picks from the sea of products available, try our products for your skin, hair and nutrition related problems like acne, dull skin, hairfall, joint pain, low strength, etc.

Customer satisfaction, quality products and spreading knowledge is what we care for. Check out more such informative posts on our instagram platform.

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