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Article: Summer is coming, are you ready ?

Summer is coming, are you ready ?

No more shielding with hefty sweaters

it’s time for a good swim, pool parties, beach days and a cooling skin care regime.Summers are all about your skin getting sweaty, breaking out due to the heat being accumulated in your body, rashes, sun damage and tanning.

From a teen to a granny we all love a good summer season skin care regime because this is the time when your skin needs you the most.Unlike winters, summer tends to get on our nerves because India is a tropical country and it is difficult to beat that heat and humidity.

Summer not only raises

the external temperature but also our body temperature which causes a drop in the rate of metabolism.We all know that slower the rate of metabolism higher is the accumulation of heat in our body.

This basic principle is the reason behind a plethora of skin conditions occurring during summer.

Age-old traditions have helped us with magical home remedies like ‘multani miti’ or fuller’s earth for giving a cooling effectand taking off the excess sebum produced during summer.‘Ubtan’ the Indian golden cream is yet another miraculous remedyused by every age group not only in summer but throughout the year for it’s drying and glowing properties.

It is a mixture of gram flour, turmeric, curd, lemon and different herbs.Well, despite all this dermatologists have a clear skin all summer long too, guess why?

Well of course it’s their job but why does the same sun and weather not affect their skin ?

The answer to this lies in the below section - head on!After heated ( pun intended ) discussions and detailed research,

dermatologists say that there should be a solid routine to follow during summerfor our skin is more vulnerable to damage from sun and sebum both.

You must be wondering what this sebum is now ?

Well, it’s a clinical name for the oil produced by the sebaceous glands of our body which lie underneath the hair follicles or pores as you say.They produce this fatty substance called sebum which might look like the culprit but is actually meant to protect your skin.

Sebum helps keep moisture inside the skin, which promotes skin hydration and flexibility but excess of this can cause clogged pores and acne.Hence, two things to check before you invest in any product for your summer regime are,

first is does the product help to control excess sebum production and second does it contain SPF to give you the shield for fighting the sun rays.From influencers to dermatologists, it's no secret that they include sunscreen in the list of essentials when they step out of their home.

Sunscreen works either by completely eliminating all the sun rays from being absorbed or partially allows some raysto go in and reflects the harmful ones. So invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen and minimize the sun damage.


 Now have you not thought of skipping the moisturizer during summers ?

well, we all have but always remember this barrier needs moisture irrespective of the season.It’s just the fact that during summers it’s recommended to apply lightweight or water based moisturizer as it will not add to the sebum already present on skin.

Mountainor’s Anti-Blemish Light Face Cream is the perfect moisturizer for all skin types.This advanced formula contains Vitamin E, Licorice Extract,Lemon Oil, Glycolic Acid, Carrot Extract, Purified Aqua, Refined Glycerine,Aloe vera Extract, Shea Butter and Moringa Oil.

All these ingredients are light in weight and have unique abilities to heal, smoothen and nurture your skin.It not only acts as a moisturizer but also reduces Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone.

Another change your skin needs during summer is a foaming gel based face wash which does not strip off all the moisture but the superficial oil

that accumulates during the day.A cleanser which is hydrating and yet anti-blemish is the primary productyou should invest in to give your skin a fresh and cooling effect.

Check out Mountainor's Luminous Face Wash

with key ingredients like Licorice Extract, Black Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Purified Aqua, Refined Glycerin,Aloe Vera Extract and Tomato Extract some of which are nature’s superfood.

 Last but not the least, everyone’s favorite is a vitamin that has gained its fame in all forms during this pandemic,yes it’s none other than vitamin C.

Several studies prove that long term vitamin C usage is responsible for a brighter, glowing and anti-blemish skin.

Though the review over the net regarding its efficacy may be mixed, dermatologists approve its safety profile and saythat it rarely causes any side effects and the most severe cases have also only shown redness as the major side effect.

Hence, an efficient serum like MOUNTAINOR's Vitamin C SerumFor Face is packed with brightening agents hat reignite your skin's glow by reducing dampness, impurities, excess oil,

dirt and give you an even-toned face. It contains ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E,Jojoba Extract, Orange Extract, Jojoba Extract, and Aloe Vera all of which are skin loving essentials.

Lastly, don’t forget good skin demands good care.

Here is an easy to follow skin care regime for you this summer:

  • Wash your face with a foaming light cleanser
  • Layer your skin with vitamin rich serums like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, etc.
  • Wait for a few minutes before applying a good thick layer of sunscreen evenly over your face and neck.

Step out with a bottle of water and stay hydrated. 

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